World’s First Practical Airship

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Dynalifter DL-100 Prototype Completed  Build in Toledo, Ohio

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Dynalifter ®

The Dynalifter® is a hybrid aircraft, combining the operational reliability of a turboprop airplane with the fuel efficiencies of an airship. As a  Dynalifter freighter, it can carry unprecedented loads farther than previous airlift systems, without the operational problems associated with historic airships. As a smaller patroller,  it can drastically lower the cost of aerial surveillance.  At the heart of the Dynalifter is a patented unique internal frame which provides the ability to mate the renewable lift capability of helium, with the natural lift of dynamic lifting wings in an airstream. This combination not only provides fuel efficient aircraft, but a very reliable aircraft capable of quantum leaps in cargo bay sizing, and lower cost operational costs.



The  smaller Dynalifter Patroller, has great reduction in operational costs over blimps, and helicopters. Estimated reduction of the cost of operation is 50% less than helicopters, and ~ 10  times less than a blimp conservatively.  

The Dynalifter Freighter initially addresses two important sectors of the freight transportation market.  The first sector is as a low-cost commercial and military air freight platform that provides an intermediate price-point between slow sea/ground freight and high-speed air freight.  The second sector is for international “Roadless Trucking™” operations, providing a higher speed, low-cost freight network in the developing world without having to construct extensive infrastructure or cause a huge environmental impact.



DL-1000  Super Heavy  Cargo Freighter

DL-1000 Super Freighter
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